The Website Installer located in the Online Control Panel provides you with an easy and fast approach to set up a completely new site using a custom web design in just five minutes. It just takes simply four basic steps for your website to be on the web. It’s possible to pick from over two hundred available web site templates and as soon as it is prepared, you’re able to handle your web site with a click of the mouse. We’ll send to you login details for the administrative area and you will be able to start putting in brand–new pages in an instant. If, at any time, you need guidance – the technical engineers are on hand 24x7x365, prepared to work with you.

The Website Installer is obtainable each Linux web hosting bundle coming with the Online Control Panel.

An intuitive Website Installation Tool

Making a website is as simple as 1–2–3

Setting up a web site from the start may be difficult unless you have at least an elementary grade of HTML and CSS expertise. You should know JavaScript and PHP as well. Using the Website Installer, its not necessary to possess any coding skills to kickstart a specialized site. You can choose amongst over two hundred web templates and swiftly alter the chosen theme based on your preferences without having to write virtually any program code in the background.

If you do not like the end result – head back and start out again. It will take simply just a few straightforward steps, and the moment you get to step four – you’ll have your brand–new web site ready to go.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

Hundreds of Design Themes Available For You

Install your new web site with only a click of the mouse

To assist you to get a new web site on the Internet at the earliest opportunity, we have developed a range of website themes to choose from. According to the purpose of your website, you can find a superb design theme for use on your blog site or image gallery or the optimal style and design for your portfolio. All templates are available for absolutely free download within your Online Control Panel. We’re also working hard to make brand new design themes in accordance with the most up–to–date design and style trends to be able to provide you with a better choice for your personal sites.

200+ Free Templates

24–hour Technical Support’s website hosting support members are on duty 24/7/365

The tech support crew includes experts who have worked well a number of years in the website hosting business. They are trained to handle all types of situations and are available 24 hours a day, ready to aid you. On top of that, we also have Commonly Asked Questions and quite a few instructional videos.

Plus, we provide you with a one–hour answer–back time period warranty, which means that you’ll receive a reply to your inquiry quickly. The common response time frame is lower than 20 min’s.

24/7 Support